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Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative and advisory body existing to support the Parish Priest and to enable all parishioners and all parish groups to participate in the life of the church. The PPC supports the Parish Priest in providing spiritual leadership and sound administrative procedures for the parish.

The PPC has nominated members representing the different areas of parish life;

Finance, Children’s Liturgy, Prayer Groups, Extraordinary Ministers, Flowers, Social Events, Communications, H.E.L.P, Buildings, Piety Stall, Meetings Room, ICT, English Martyrs School, Altar Servers, Youth, St Thomas of Canterbury Exton, Uppingham.

The PPC meets four times a year and the minutes of the meetings are available on the church noticeboard or by request.

Catholic Parish of Rutland Parish Pastoral Council Members

Canon Peter Vellacott - Parish Priest – Liturgy and Music

Rev Raymond Keogh – Deacon - Adult Formation and Catechetics.

Andreas Menzies - Chair

Eileen Worrall - Clerk - Extraordinary Ministers / Newsletter

Hanna Coomber - Children’s Liturgy

Rosemarie Duncan - HELP Group

Joe Scott - Finance 

Chris Knowland  - Property & Maintenance

Maria Marriott – Parish Administrator - Safeguarding/Catechist/Communications

Cara Topping  – English Martyrs Academy

Cecile Wignall – Uppingham

Michael Terrett - Grounds

Glenn Adams - Repository 

Daniel Terrett - Youth

Jenny Urquhart – Co-opted

1.1 PPC membership is open to any practising catholic over the age of 16 living within the greater parish community (the area from which parishioners come to worship regularly at St Joseph’s).
1.2 The PPC consists of the Parish Priest(s), as President, plus approximately twelve seats for representatives of the Parish. Other parishioners may be co-opted for short-term support when necessary.
1.3 The term of office for co-opted members is four years with no more than two consecutive terms. Should any member resign during a term of office, a replacement is elected to serve until the next AGM.
1.4 Up to 25% of the members can be appointed by the Parish Priest with the balance being elected by representative Parish Organisations.
1.5 Parish Priests, deacons, curates, parish sisters and pastoral assistants are ex officio members.

2.1 Full meetings, confirmed by agenda at least ten days in advance and are deemed quota when 50% non co-opted members are present. Ad hoc groups are formed as required. Special meetings, at the discretion of the Parish Priest or PPC Chair, may be summoned at shorter notice to deal only with the business stated in the notice convening the meeting. Minutes are kept for all full and special meetings.
2.2 Chair, Deputy Chair and Clerk are elected by the PPC and ratified by the Parish Priest.
2.3 Parish groups meet as required and are invited every summer to report on their activities since the previous AGM.

2.4 The AGM of the Parish, held in the summer, ratifies the election of new members to the PPC and reviews the year’s activities through annual Parish and Financial reports.

2.5 Agendas are agreed by the Chairman, in collaboration with the Parish Priest. Notice of each meeting is published in the Parish Newsletter three weeks in advance so that parishioners are reminded that they may register an item for the agenda through any PPC member or via the church Suggestion Box. These items are to be included in the agenda to be published at least one week before the date of the meeting. Items to be considered under “Any Other Business” shall be notified to the meeting in advance of, or at the beginning of, the meeting in which such items are to be discussed.
2.6 If an elected member is unable to attend an alternate maybe nominated. The Parish Priest and Chair are to be informed prior to the meeting. The alternate is non-voting but may speak.
2.7 If a member is absent for three consecutive meetings without due reason, s/he is deemed to have resigned and will be replaced by a nomination from that Parish Group.
2.8 Special meetings may be called by the Chair with the agreement of the Parish Priest giving members at least seven days notice of the date and the agenda item. In the absence of the Parish Priest the Deacon can give his agreement.


These are available on request from the parish.


This document and accompanying PPC notes are to be re-evaluated and revised on a regular basis.

Updated 19/06/2023


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