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English Martyrs School News

We have had our Storytelling week this week so children have been involved in lots of activities revolving around reading and writing. We also celebrated World Book day on Thursday and the children came to school dressed as their favourite book character. There were some wonderful costumes and the children had a great day.

Fr Stephen came into school on Ash Wednesday to deliver Mass for the children and families. Thank you to the parishioners who also joined us.

Mrs Scott's class had a great day onMonday when they went to Casterton College, along with other local schools, to spend a day participating in arts and drama sessions. They enjoyed performing a song together, making pizzas, learning the samba drums, dancing and acting. They had a fabulous time!

Well done to the 4 children who were selected by achievement to sit the UKMT Preliminary Maths Challenge. They obtained 1 gold award and 3 silver awards between them. A huge achievement of which we are very proud.

Finally, as promised, the total amount raised for the cake sale was a whopping £366.63! Thank you again to the parishioners for their support.

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